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Shiodome Consulting Limited - Feature Company

Striving to become the best "true one-stop service"!

Since its establishment, Shiodome Partners has continued to strive to be the best "true one-stop service" for our clients with the help of our very own network of professionals, like CPAs, attorneys, consultants and so on. We are proud to be a member firm of PKF International, an international accounting network with more than 400 offices in 150 countries, and we support many foreign companies as they expand their business into Japan, as well as Japanese companies in their expansion overseas. The professional services are provided not only in Japanese but also in English, Chinese, Korean, and other languages.

Career change support services for "bilingual" and "back office" professionals!

For the past 10 years, we have been providing professional services in the areas of accounting, taxation, and human resource management, and we have received many consultations from our corporate clients regarding the acquisition of human resources related to their management issues.To provide a new solution for this, we started providing employment placement services and it is through this service that we can build a connection between the job seekers who are considering a career change and the companies that we have built up trust with.

In addition, we’ve worked with many of the foreign-affiliated companies since the establishment of their Japanese subsidiaries, and they are often looking for people who can manage their Japanese branches and subsidiaries.

Furthermore, our consultants have practical work experience in accounting firms and management departments and are fluent with English, Japanese and Chinese languages. We can support your career change from various aspects.

Why Shiodome Partners?

Our service features:

  • Shiodome Consulting is part of Shiodome Partners Group. We have inside knowledge of our group, and can give relevant advice from a similar standpoint.
  • Our bilingual consultants (English, Chinese, Japanese) have expertise in administrative operations
  • One consultant is assigned for the company and candidate to ensure smooth communication for both parties
  • Assistance with work visas for foreign national candidates can also be provided

Referral service features:

  • Most of the jobs introduced are private jobs from a group company, our clients, and partners that we are already doing business with, we can ensure that the jobs that we introduce have a higher level of quality compared to other companies.
  • A number of positions are available for start-up members of Japanese subsidiaries of foreign companies and key personnel who connect overseas parent companies with their Japanese subsidiaries
  • Various positions are available for those aiming a career advancement at companies preparing for an IPO